Solo Mission

"With the industry knowledge provided by the Heart Rocket course along with our own trusted contacts and resources, you will have the insight and direction you need to start dating in Ukraine".

- Stryker & Luba, Co-founders.

The Solo Mission

Our Solo Mission package contains everything you need to get started on your journey to finding your future life partner.

Dating in Eastern Europe has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as more men suffer the difficulties of dating in western culture. Choosing to expand your dating options has become a necessity for those looking for a traditional relationship with a high-quality, beautiful woman. 

As this shift in mindset continues, dating in Ukraine has become a minefield of scammers looking to cash in.

Heart Rocket was built out of necessity, with a mission to guide quality men to women open to meeting, dating, and marrying a man from the west.


Learn the secrets of the industry from Luba, a matchmaker with over 10 years of industry experience!
The Heart Rocket course contains over 50 videos, covering every aspect of dating in Eastern Europe.


Heart Rocket gives you access to useful, and legitimate resources throughout Ukraine and Belarus.


After you sign up for Heart Rocket, we will set up a call to get to know you and put a plan in place for dating future. This includes one month of email support from us—ready to answer any questions you might have.

95% of men fail and end up wasting their time, money and emotions. The other 5% get lucky.

This is the truth and it is our mission to change this.

To be successful you MUST gain the knowledge and THEN put a practical plan in place to ensure you are meeting legitate ladies in Ukraine.

Some of the topics covered in the Heart Rocket Course

When and where to go in Eastern Europe

You will learn when, where, and how to plan your trip around your individual wants, needs, and relationship goals.

The hype and the fake

You will learn that much of the “hype” is just that. You will be able to identify, and cut through the BS in order to put a practical plan in place.

Paid email and chat services online

You will learn how paid letter-writing and chat websites really work, from an industry professional.

Dating Etiquette in Eastern Europe

How to have the perfect first date. It’s far easier than you think.

What she actually wants from you

What Ukrainian women really want in a relationship, and why you MUST leave your Western ways behind.

Maintaining the relationship

You will learn how to maintain a long-distance relationship, avoiding the 3-month break-up that 85% of men suffer from.

Money, travel, tourist traps and scams

Ensuring that your visit to Eastern Europe is safe and free of trouble is a key part of Heart Rocket.

Never get scammed

Learn the scammer’s playbook, and be able to quickly identify and avoid anything that might attack your money or emotions.

Mentality shift and why most men fail

Understand the mental, and cultural differences of dating women in Eastern Europe.

Legit Match Makers

Learn how to effectively use honest dating agencies to set up dates in Eastern Europe.

Dating Aps & Websites

Learn the different ways to date in the Ukraine, using free, and paid services.

Relationship Status

Learn to qualify and define your new relationship. Learn what, if any obligations you or her have at any given stage, including financial obligations.

Travelling, geography and culture

Gain the advantage by learning about local customs, geography, good, culture, and more!

Learn the language

We will teach you over 150 Russian words and phrases so that you can communicate with confidence throughout your trip.

The Heart Rocket Dating Course contains over 50 comprehensive videos, containing one-of-a-kind industry information about all aspects of dating in Eastern Europe.

So, what is

Mission Support?

Once you have the knowledge from the Heart Rocket Course, you can use Mission Support, our directory of resources and support and guidance from The Heart Rocket Team to start planning your trip.

Support from the Heart Rocket Team

As soon as you sign up for Heart Rocket, we will book a strategy call with you to formulate a plan based on your wants, needs, and goals

Email Support

Once your Heart Rocket account is active, you have one month of email support. We can answer any questions you may have about booking your future trip or anything realted to dating in Eastern Europe.

Extensive Resource & Directory

Planning your trip is easy and seamless with our ever-growing directory of trusted contacts and businesses! Ranging from casual first-date locations, to romantic evening outings, we will provide you with everything you need to navigate your trip through Eastern Europe.

Black Lists

As more and more men travel to Ukraine in search of their other half, more and more business are looking to cash in—some in dishonest ways. We compile a list of any and every restaurant or business that might try to take advantage of your adventure, keeping you happy and at peace throughout your trip.

Language Lessons

In order to make your trip to Ukraine or Belarus exciting and easy, we provide you with a crash course in over 150 common Russian words and phrases, providing you confidence throughout your journey.

Lifetime Membership

The Solo Mission Package includes lifetime access to the Heart Rocket Dating Course and all futures updates. It also includes lifetime access to the extensive resource directry, language lessons, the black lists, our trusted matchmakers and all future updates.

So, why do so many men fail?

It’s simple! Men fail because they don’t understand the industry. Learning the ways of dating in Ukraine can mean the difference between success and failure.

Heart Rocket will pull back the curtain and provide you with the advantage, arming you with the knowledge, skills, resources, and support to succeed.

We want your experience in Eastern Europe to be an adventure! Explore a new culture, learn a new language, meet new people, fall in love, and have the time of your life.

The Heart Rocket Course will take you from knowing nothing, to having an in-depth understanding of the Eastern European dating industry. This course will provide you the insight and resources to succeed in finding a high-quality, sincere, Slavic woman.

Join Heart Rocket

Heart Rocket is a comprehensive course that hands over all the knowledge you need to have a successful trip to Ukraine. By understanding how to navigate dating in Eastern Europe and used in conjunction with our resource and support system. You will have the advantage over all other men dating in Ukraine and Belarus and you can be successful.

Lifetime Membership


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